I completed my Personal Trainer Certificate in February of this year and since have been overwhelmed (in a good way) by the responses I have received from fiends, family and my community.

I began my PT certificate just because I was constantly being asked by people in the gym, friends and family for advice and help with workouts and nutrition. I never thought that once I completed the courses and passed the finals that I would be able to create a business; I just wanted to make sure that I was giving people the right advice.

In March I was contacted by my first friend who wanted me to be her personal trainer and that was the beginning of 4 S.E.A.S.O.N.S. Fitness. My friend was so supportive and excited that I just couldn’t help but catch her enthusiasm and started to believe that my passion could actually grow into something bigger than I imagined. I am now only one month into owning a full fledged business and have as I mentioned early been totally and completely overwhelmed by the LOVE, support and excitement generated by those who believe in living the same healthy and fit lifestyle that I enjoy.

I am blessed to say that I am at capacity for my personal training clients and creating a waiting list for those that want to work with 4 S.E.A.S.O.N.S. Fitness. We still have openings for online training and SWEATIN’ SATURDAY BOOT CAMP.



I am new to the blogging world but thought that I would start with a simple shout out to the those that have helped make 4 S.E.A.S.O.N.S. Fitness and my dreams a reality!

Kevin Tanaka, my AMAZING and supportive husband who gets excited with me and constantly pushes me to be a better person in every way.!

Julie Tanaka, the best sister-in-law a girl could ask for! Julie has been my cheerleader, guinea pig, support system and workout buddy!

Rachel Hurlbert, my most excited and motivational friend! Without Rachel 4 S.E.A.S.O.N.S. Fitness would still be just an idea that I put off till I had “more time”.

And last but not least all of my clients and boot camp gals that let me be a part of their lives, journeys and transformations.

Boot Camp Gals showed for the 1st boot camp in their BOOTS!

If you are interested in learning more about 4 S.E.A.S.O.N.S. Fitness please check out our websites:

Our first newsletter will be coming out May1st, if you are interested in receiving our newsletter comment below.

XOXO – Steph


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