I Challenge YOU!

It is Motivational Monday! 1.5 quote

Congratulations and High Fives to those of you who crawled out of bed early this morning to workout, took a lunch at the gym or walked, and those that are at the gym right now or went after work as part of a new health goal for 2015 or as a continuation of the healthy life style you choose to life daily!

For those of you that are regulars at the Gym and dreaded walking in today, last weekend or for this month of January. I CHALLENGE YOU!
I CHALLENGE you to change your mind set about those new people at the gym!
I ENCOURAGE you to not make fun or be rude but to be a smiling face and helpful community member to those new to a world that you are so comfortable in!
I ask that you #SUPPORT and offer GUIDANCE to those new gym goers who look lost while trying to figure out how to work a machine, navigate the weight room or come to a class!
and lastly,
I CHALLENGE you to be the one to make a difference and help someone fall in love with healthy living, fitness and all that comes with it!

There is no wrong time to work on your health and fitness – January is just as good a time to join a gym, take up running, begin a new class as April or May!

To all my followers – please be the one to help create a fun and welcoming environment in your gym or fitness realm not just this month but everyday of every month!

It is MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY so please remember
“The expert in anything was once a beginner.”
– Helen Hayes
beginner introduce yourself


Summer Lovin’ & motivational challenges

I love summer!  It is hands down my favorite season, I know so cliche, but hear me out. I live in a small rural town in northern California- we are not near the beach! Sorry just had to clear that up, people hear California and automatically think – Beach! I live in the mountains,  (‚¨áthis is my home)

it is beautiful, quite and we have the ability to step out our front doors and hike, bike, swim- you name it within 20 minutes (literally 20miles, and no traffic). Sorry, I get distracted when talking about the benefits of living where I do.
Anyway, summer is my favorite season because we get warm weather, (no more snow), spend tons of time at our local lakes and rivers and of course bbq and visit with friends and family more than we do when it is freezing and snowy outside. The problem with summer is that I tend to lose my motivation to hit the gym and workout, I say it’s because of the heat or that work gets busy but really I think, just this last week I’ve determined, it’s because I think I have better things to do. Do you ever feel that way? 
That realization has hit me pretty hard the past couple of days primarily because I have noticed this pattern for a couple of years but also because in my new journey as a fitness professional I feel guilty admitting that I don’t live to work out! (Eek! I said that outloud) But I also have been reminding myself that I’m human and we all struggle, that’s difficult to accept for this type A person! ; )
Don’t get me wrong, I love working out; I love the way it makes me feel and the energy it gives me, I love the way I can transform and shape my body with fitness and diet, I love it all! Over the years I have learned that working out is not the only thing needed to, “get the body you want”, you need to embrace a whole new lifestyle one of health and wellness in a balanced way. This realization is what has helped me let go of the guilt of losing my gym going motivation because I truly live a balanced life of healthy diet & nutrition, fitness and wellness, that’s what helps to keep me on track even though I stumble just like you.
Do you have a season that you find is easier for you to stay on track with your health goals? Tell me about it. Share with me how you balance your diet and exercise during that time that keeps you motivated and going strong!
Xoxo – steph